One Step Closer to National Recognition

First Parish Church located at the top of Town Square has received notification from the Massachusetts Historical Commission that their application for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places will be considered at a meeting of the Commission on Wednesday, September 10 at 1:00 P.M. at the Massachusetts State Archives in Dorchester, MA.

The National Register of Historic Places is the Federal government’s official list of historic properties worthy of preservation. Listing of a property provides recognition of the community’s important historic resources. In Massachusetts, properties nominated to the National Register are automatically listed in the State Register of Historic Places.

First Parish, also known as The National Memorial Pilgrim Church, was built in the late 1890’s as a monument to the Pilgrims. It stands just below the pilgrims’ first fort, and dates it’s records to 1606 in Scrooby England. The Tiffany stained glass windows, which tell the Pilgrim story are currently undergoing restoration thanks to a grant from the Community Preservation Commission in the Town of Plymouth.

Still to be restored, once funding is secured, is the Meetinghouse’s stone facade.

Submitted by
Jan Palmer-Tarbox
Chair, Restoration Committee


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