Visitors Encourage First Parish Tours!

Here are just a few reviews provided to TripAdvisor from satisfied tour-goers who visited First Parish. Join the club; take a tour today.

“Ask for a tour”
Reviewed July 31, 2014
Even if it’s just a quick tour, you will appreciate the church much more if you have someone to explain to you the symbols in the wood carvings, the stories represented in the Tiffany windows, and the beliefs and controversies of some of the founders. Definitely worth the short walk (two blocks?) up the hill from Plymouth Rock. ($5 for the tour)
Visited July 2014 – Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Expect some surprises”
Reviewed October 27, 2013
This is it, folks…. It may be the oldest church “in continuous operation” in the United States. The building is comparatively new but the congregation traces its origins to the Pilgrims who arrived in New England in 1620….. If you want to see what the congregation’s first meetinghouse looked like, visit the reproduction at Plimoth Plantation…. Bit of irony: Visitors to modern Plymouth often have a vague understanding that the Pilgrims were, in some way, involved with religion. However, the story of religion in Plymouth – and how it developed from the 1600s to the present – receives surprisingly little attention in modern guidebooks and museums…. If you want to understand the religious story in Plymouth, this is a good place to start. Put your prejudices and misconceptions aside. Expect some surprises.
Visited October 2013 – Falmouth, MA

Reviewed August 14, 2013 via mobile
This is a lovely church and we got to meet and talk to some of the members who gave us a wonderful history story of Plymouth and the church!
Visited August 2013 – Dallas, Texas


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