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Speakers & Ministers

Befitting its role in the story of America, First Parish Meetinghouse has hosted many notable figures from American history.


Many notable ministers, including John Cotton in 1667 and Dr. James Kendall in 1800 would lead the congregation as our nation grew from a colonial settlement into the United States of America.

Emerson, Adams

In the 19th century, First Parish hosted many orators and national figures, such as: Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, & Charles Francis Adams.


In 1976, during the nation’s bicentennial celebrations, Kendall Hall (which is First Parish's community room), hosted The Today Show with Jane Pauley.

minister plaque

Continuation of List of Ministers Serving First Parish

1939  - Floyd J. Taylor

1946 - George N. Marshall

1952 - Charles C. Forman

1965 - Gerald R. Krick

1971 - Horace L. Bachelder

1981 - William E. Gardner, Interim

1982 - Robert L'H. Miller

1992 - Doris A. Hunter, Interim

1994 - Michael R. Leduc

2003 - Robert RN Ross, Interim

2005 - Sarah Clark

2008 - David Johnson, Interim

2010 - Gerald (Jay) Libby

2013 - Ed Hardy

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